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Refined and distinctive, my signature style is characterized by a dreamy, edgy, and spontaneous aesthetic with a strong emphasis on storytelling. With years of experience in the field, my style is evident in the images I've captured for renowned fashion brands, development projects, lifestyle, travel agencies, hotels, and, of course, unforgettable weddings worldwide.

What sets me apart is my ability to fuse my unique style with my vast expertise and a keen eye for beauty to deliver the photos of your dreams. You can trust me to turn your wildest fantasies into stunning reality, and while it may sound like a cliché, I assure you that it's the absolute truth.


Capturing the real you in a beautiful way, that's what I love to do. I focus on your emotions, actions, and happy moments to showcase your natural beauty. My team and I search for amazing locations and cozy settings to make your memories complete. We work hard to capture every detail of your wedding day, weekend, or week so you can relive those moments later.

I have a unique dreamy style that I bring to each wedding or event. I believe in natural and spontaneous photography that reflects the true feeling of the moment. I take pictures without being too noticeable, so you can enjoy your day.

My main goal is to give you photos that bring back happy memories. I create timeless, elegant, and unforgettable images for you to cherish forever.


Capturing every special moment of your wedding, big and small, is my goal. Beyond focusing solely on the exciting parts, attention is given to small details such as sunlight on your dress and the intimacy of your rings. Informed by a background in fashion, a unique perspective is applied to highlight these smaller elements, revealing the true essence of your day.

Emphasizing these little details enables the telling of a comprehensive story of your wedding day. Ensuring that the pictures are genuine and unforgettable, the goal is to convey the authentic emotions of your love and reflect your true selves.


Every wedding is special, just like the couple getting married. Taking the time to understand you and your ideas for the big day is crucial.

Starting by listening to your thoughts and asking about your dream wedding, I explore what you envision. What do you picture? What excites you the most? What do you want from your photos?

Upon grasping your vision, a plan is crafted to meet your needs and exceed expectations. Together, we select the best locations, settings, and lighting to create unique and beautiful photos that authentically capture the essence of your special day.


After your wedding, I take on the responsibility of selecting and perfecting every flawless photo. With careful attention to detail, I meticulously examine each image and curate a selection of the best ones to be edited.

I prioritize quality over speed, taking my time to ensure that each photo is polished to perfection. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

You can expect to receive your high-resolution photos via We-Transfer within 20 days of your wedding. But as a special treat, I'll also provide you with a preview of the photos just a few days after your big day. You'll be able to relive the memories and share your favorite moments with your friends and family on social media.

Nice extra? A few days after your party you will already receive a preview of the photos. This way you can imme- diately enjoy some atmospheric snapshots. Great if you want to share something on social media the day after.


View your wedding photos on an iPhone screen where Instagram significantly reduces the resolution? That’s sin. Fortunately, becau- se of my good photo material I can see your images beautifully enlarge. Razor-sharp, every image again. So ... why only look at a screen when you can also hold a beautiful album?

The wedding albums I offer are available in leather, wood and linen.

There are three sizes: 30x30 cm, 35x35 cm and for your (grand) parents you can perfectly order a replica of 25x25 cm.
About 50-70 photos fit in your album and the price is from €550, depending on the size and cover you choose.

Because these are super quality albums, the delivery date after request is at least 2 months. But it’s definitely worth the wait, trust me!


After reading this text, if you already thinking: yes, I want this! Or are there still some questions, something not clear? Be sure to let me know this, I’ll be happy to answer them.
Because for the day everything has to be perfect!

Hopefully we will hear each other soon in a zoom meeting, then we will get to know each other a little better and you will immediately see if there is a match.

I’m looking forward to it!